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spacer Explore the Museum: Floor Plans

Gift Shop | Library | Peace Mandala | African Artifacts | World Instruments | Artists | Performers | Workshops

Our Collection centers on folkart, textiles, costumes, art, puppets, toys and instruments from six continents. Most of these are available on permanent display. We also offer rotating exhibits by visiting artists in residence, other galleries, photographers, and special events. All floors are accessible by elevator, which is reserved for those with special needs. It's slow, allowing time for meditation. That's why it has a chair!

Each floor diagram below links to a page displaying photos and information about that floor's displays. Click on the floor plans or the listed displays below to go to a specific section of the Museum.
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  1. Butterfly Mosaic
  2. Outdoor Instruments
  3. Peace Bricks
  4. Putnam Zen Garden

Go to » Complete 1st Floor Description »
1st floor
1st Floor
  1. Reception & Gift Shop & Craft Kits
  2. Workshop, Resource Library & Kitchen
  3. Folk Art
  4. Camel Caravan Staircase & Gallery (to 2nd Floor)
  5. Public Restrooms
  6. Elevator

Go to » Complete 2nd Floor Description »
2nd floor
2nd Floor
    Elevator Performance Area, Exhibit Cases, Piano, Community Showcase & Antique French Case Dress-Up Area International Textiles Puppets & Marionettes Public Restroom Camel Caravan Staircase & Gallery (to 3rd Floor)

Go to » Complete 3rd Floor Description »
3rd floor
3rd Floor
  1. Elevator
  2. Third Floor Gallery & Peacock Sculture
  3. Native American Showcase, International Instruments, Nepal & Tibet Case, China Exhibit, & Charlotte's Aquarium
  4. Landlocked Display of Wedding Gowns
  5. Performance Area (2nd floor)
  6. Camel Caravan Staircase & Gallery

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When children are raised with respect and curiosity towards
other cultures, the world will know more peace and less war.

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